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Marianne Heidmann



Marianne Heidmann

  Basic od 1994,
  Advanced od 1996,
  Senior od 2009




Ukończone szkolenia:

  • Bobath
  • Vojta
  • Mulligan
  • Maitland
  • FBL
  • Neuroscience – Prof. Annonciato
  • Mulder
  • Gentile
  • Myofacial release
  • Accupressure
  • CMJ – van den Berg
  • etc


Badania naukowe:

  • 2002 Kurs „Introduction into sientific work“ mit 9,5h teaching in Bad Nauheim (Dr. Ruud Stefelmanns)
  • 2004 Course "Standardized documentation and evaluation / Evidence-based practice - Module I: Documentation and evaluation with standardized procedures (basic concepts, implementation, evaluation elementary) in the context of ICF" with 20h teaching in Wremen (Dr. Erwin Scherfer)
  • 2004 Course "Standardized documentation and evaluation / Evidence-based practice - Module II: Introduction to Medical Statistics" with 20h teaching in Wremen (Prof. Dr. Gunnar Leivseth)
  • 2005 Course "Standardized documentation and evaluation / Evidence-based practice - Module III: Introduction to the research methodology and critical assessment of studies" with 20h teaching in Bad Nauheim (Dr. Erwin Scherfer)
  • 2001 Course "Relevant practical application of the 3-dimensional analysis system (Vicon system) in the physiotherapy on
  • 2002 the example of the gait analysis" with 4h teaching in Ulm (Dr. W. Chwala)
  • 2002 Course "Introduction and the Vicon system" with 16h teaching in Bad Nauheim (Dr. W. Chwala)

Międzynarodowe doświadczenie w nauczaniu:

  • Niemcy
  • Chorwacja
  • Grecja
  • Japonia
  • Korea
  • Polska

Doświadczenie kliniczne

  • 10 years acute Neurology
  • 7 years handicaped neurology in children and juveniles
  • ambulant privat praxis with all clinical disciplines


  • since 1992 Re-fresher courses in PNF since 1995 recognized basic and advanced courses PNF at home and abroad
  • 1995, WCPT, Copenhagen, Physiotherapy in Stroke Management, Autor “PNF in Stroke Rehabilitation” This lecture was also published in the book "PT in Stroke Management“, Churchill Livingstone.
  • 2001, ZVK annual congress, Ulm, “Physiotherapists - Competent and Efficient”, author of "Gait"
  • 2002, ZVK annual congress, Leipzig, “Physiotherapy on the Pulse”, author of “PNF and Spastizität”
  • 2004, IPNFA Meeting, Bad Nauheim, author of "PNF status quo - quo vadis" The short form of this paper was published in the KG-published newspaper.
  • 2005, 54th German M.D. Congress Berlin, author of "The neurological patient at the centre of physiotherapy intervention as neuropsychological disturbances affect the rehabilitation"
  • 2006, 55th German M.D. Congress Berlin, Charité, author of "The coordination body as a central base for the function of limbs”
  • 2006, IV Scientific Congress rehabilitation Edukacja Plus, Krakow, author of "Neurodynamics As One aspect of rehabilitation"
  • 2007, PNF symposium in Cologne, author of "Trunk Funktion in the PNF Concept" Various infoflyers on behalf of the AG-PNF in ZVK for doctors and patients
  • 2009 Co Author of the new book “PNF” Thieme Verlag
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